Here in Western New York we are blessed with a truly world class fishery. The streams in this region get huge returns of fish and boast some of the highest concentrations of steelhead anywhere in the world. We have the option to fly fish for a wide range of trout and salmon including, steelhead, brown trout, rainbow trout, lake trout, king salmon, and coho salmon.

Currently our guides are stationed in two locations, one in Rochester, New York and the other in Fredonia, New York. We cover over 250 miles of coastline on Lake Ontario and Lake Erie ranging from Cleveland, Ohio to Buffalo, New York and on to Rochester, New York. Tributaries along these coastlines provide some of the best fly- fishing opportunities in the world.

From small creeks to larger streams and rivers, from flat plains of farmland to gorges with 400 foot high cliffs, the scenery is spectacular, the fishing is phenomenal, and the experience truly breathtaking.









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